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Restoring the link between people and woodlands


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Trywydd Iach – Healthy Trail

Iechyd Awyr Agored Biosffer Dyfi /

Dyfi Biosphere Outdoor Health

yn dechrau Hydref 2019/ Begins October 2019


Dewch allan yr Hydref hwn i wneud gweithgareddau i wella eich iechyd a’ch lles. AM DDIM!

Nodwch – Y tymor yma bydd y rhan fwyaf o’r gweithgareddau yn cychwyn yr wythnos gyntaf ym mis Hydref, yn wythnosol am chwe wythnos ond does dim rhaid mynychu bob wythnos. Os dymunir, bydd cyfle ychwanegol hefyd i wirfoddoli yn y gerddi.

 Be active outdoors this Autumn to improve your health and well-being. FREE!

Please note: For this season, most activities will be weekly for six weeks starting the first week in October, but there is no obligation to attend sessions every week. There will also be additional opportunities to volunteer at the gardens.

01654 703965 / gwenfair@ecodyfi.cymru

www.coedlleol.org.uk/referral / www.ecodyfi.cymru/cyf



Social Forestry OCN Courses 2019

Learn the theory and practice of social forestry, looking at how sustainable woodland management and crafts can help promote human wellbeing. These courses vary slightly depending on the venue, example course content includes:

These Social Forestry OCN Level 3 courses were developed by Small Woods and accredited by the Open College Network (OCN). For more information about each course visit: Training

Actif Woods Wales

Getting Healthy the Woodland Way

Our Actif Woods Wales programme is changing lives. We run woodland health and wellbeing groups, activities and events across Wales with and for people:

Join a Woodland Group

Get Healthy the Woodland Way. Find Actif Woods Wales activities and events in your local area (click on the links below):

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