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Restoring the link between people and woodlands

Mindfulness in Woodlands courses

Mindfulness has been a popular addition to many Actif Woods Wales sessions. As a result Coed Lleol has helped to develop two courses to train people working with groups in how to incorporate this into their work.

One is a one day introductory course that runs on demand; the other is a four day OCN qualified course giving people the confidence to lead their own Mindfulness sessions Рthis will next run from the 27th-30th June 2017 (this course is now fully booked) and then again from the 28th September  Р1st October 2017. Both of these courses are part of the Training Bursary scheme Рcontact amieandrews@smallwoods.org.uk for more details about this.

If you are interested in running the one day course then contact jocooper@smallwoods.org.uk to book a date with the trainer and for help with publicity – see below for flyers for both these courses and the learning outcomes for the 4 day OCN course.

Learning Outcomes for Mindfulness in Woodland Settings (pdf)

Mindfulness in Woodland settings – 4 day course Sep 2017

Mindfulness in Woodland settings - 4 day course Sep 2017 P3 Mindfulness in Woodland settings Eng p2- 4 day course 2017

Mindfulness in Woodland settings - 4 day course Sep 2017 P1 Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar Mewn Lleoliadau Coetir 4 diwrnod 2017 Cymraeg t2

Mindfulness in Woodlands – one day course

Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar mewn Coetiroedd T1 Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar mewn Coetiroedd T2

Mindfulness in Woodlands no dates Eng P1Mindfulness in Woodlands no dates Eng P2