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Restoring the link between people and woodlands

Heart Mind Body Support

Heart, Mind, Body Support is a community led project that Coed Lleol and Ecodyfi support, in liaison with Trywdd Iach,in this time of crisis. It aims to help, reach out and improve wellbeing in these unprecedented times. We are not responsible for the session content and you take part at your own risk.

Heart, Mind, Body Support 

Free online live sessions with local community and professional facilitators located in Machynlleth to support people at home during lockdown.

Offerings include yoga, nature connection, fitness, dance, meditation, sharing, chi gong, singing, art and more.

We are offering emotional support over the phone or using video calls. Please call 01654 370 002 for more information.

To find out more check out the schedule here: Timetable

Please download Zoom.us to join in. All sessions will be hosted here.

In order to join a session, please fill in this disclaimer form to receive the password for the sessions:  https://forms.gle/KQUmq1rPiVB5yY7G6

Would you like to volunteer?

If you would like to get involved with the group as a facilitator, with phone support or as part of the team please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/i7HvbTm9Dc4qZThm8

Please Donate

We are fundraising, please donate here:https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=GrfI-TCGQitmTHYCb1qH-Vur93JzELMfYeTxtYWATbBxny1zpfYOGOvW-6Sp136eXk95A0&country.x=GB&locale.x=GB

Cefnogi’r Galon, Meddwl a’r Corff

Sesiynau byw ar-lein am ddim gyda hwyluswyr proffesiynol a chymunedol i gefnogi pobl gartref.

Ymhlith ein cynigion mae ioga, cysylltiad natur, ffitrwydd, myfyrdod, dawns, grwpiau rhannu, chi gong, canu, celf a mwy.

Rydym hefyd yn cynnig cefnogaeth emosiynol dros y ffôn neu’n defnyddio galwadau fideo. Ffoniwch 01654 370 002 i gael mwy o wybodaeth.

I ddarganfod mwy edrychwch ar yr amserlen yma: AMSERLEN

Llenwch y ffurflen fer hon i gael mynediad i’r cyfrinair:


Lawr lwythwch Zoom.us i ymuno.