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Restoring the link between people and woodlands


Contact local project officer Katie Hastings for more info about the project gen­er­ally, and how you, or your clients, could get involved: actifwoodsaber@smallwoods.org.uk

There are currently two weekly Actif Woods Wales groups running in Aberystwyth, on a Wednesday and Thursday (details below)
There are also additional sessions with Tai Ceredigion, which this year have expanded to Cardigan, as well as the existing Aberystwyth group. There are feedback sessions  running in November 2017 for participants who took part in these programmes.

To see a short film about the first two groups, made by Natural Resources Wales in July 2014 click HERE
For the Actif Woods Aberystwyth facebook page click here: www.facebook.com/ActifWoodsWalesAberystwyth

For the Wednesday Walking group see their facebook page (just covering this group’s activities) HERE (current programme below)

For the Thursday group with Mind Aberystwyth, see their facebook page with photos from the group here: https://www.facebook.com/Mind-Aberystwyth-Woodland-Group-235050463537683 (current programme is below)


This weekly group is for all who attend the MIND drop in, and runs on a Thursday:

Coed Lleol poster Thursday Actif Woods group_bilingual


MIND Autumn Prog Actif Woods 2017_bilingual

Winter MIND Actif Woods programme 2017-18 (bilingual)

MIND Autumn Prog Actif Woods 2017_bilingualWinter MIND program 2017-18


This weekly woodland walking group meets on Wednesdays in Aberystwyth, and is open to all who experience a chronic health condition:


Wednesday Walkers Autumn Winter programme 2017_bilingual (pdf)
Wednesday Walkers Autumn Winter 2017_bilingual P1Wednesday Walkers Autumn Winter 2017_bilingual P2Wednesday Walkers Autumn Winter 2017_bilingual-page-3

Tai Ceredigion Group – Aberystwyth

Feedback sessions are running in November 2017 for all who took part in the Actif Woods programmes in Aberystwyth and Cardigan.  All welcome!

Sesiwn Adborth y Grwp Coetir Tachwedd 2017_Cymraeg Tai Ceredigion feedback sessions Nov 2017_English

Previous activities:

Mind group:

Activities have been running since 2010; here are a couple of recent programmes as a sample of what the group do.

MIND Summer Prog Actif Woods 2017_bilingual

Training Day – Friday 28th April

This great training day will help you with using kelly kettles and tools in woodlands.
Kelly kettle and tool use training day 280417 (pdf)

Kelly kettle and tool use training day 280417_Cymraeg Kelly kettle and tool use training day 280417_Eng

We have run sessions with Tai Ceredigion‘s older people’s sheltered housing schemes since 2015. In 2017 this programme extended to additional sessions in Cardigan.
Aberystwyth Tai Ceredigion summer 2017_Cymraeg Aberystwyth Tai Ceredigion summer 2017_English

Cardigan Tai Ceredigion summer 2017_Cymraeg Cardigan Tai Ceredigion summer 2017_English

tc-christmas-crafts-2016-english tc-crefftau-nadolig-2016

tai-ceredigion-taster-session-2016_english tai-ceredigion-taster-session-2016-cymraeg

Here is a write up from Tir Coed about some sessions held in partnership with them last autumn and a couple of other news articles from Aberystwyth (Tir Coed’s full newsletter can be read on their website http://tircoed.org.uk/index.php/news):

AWW groups in partnership with Tir CoedCLLCambrianNewsNov14

Aber Weds groupAber Thurs MIND



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